Image Achievement Name: The Double Threat
The Double Threat Game Title: Fable II (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Get a co-op combat bonus.
Value: 10G Secret: No Online: Yes

Achievement Guide Edit

Just getting into a couple fights with a friend will usually net you this achievement without you even realizing it.

You will need: A friend.

To make a friend you must:

  • Go into the real world
  • Greet new faces in a friendly and sociable manner.
  • Politely discuss and/or make small talk to find common ground and shared interests.
  • Rinse and repeat steps 2-3 until someone with similar interests is found.
  • Have the said person follow you.
  • Lead said person into a dark alley.
  • Bludgeon said person, or otherwise knock them unconscious.
  • Bring them back home and force them to play video games against their will.
  •  ????
  • Profit.