Burnout Paradise
Game Title: Burnout Paradise
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Genre: Racing
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Game Description Edit

Crashing is awesome! That's the concept behind Burnout Paradise, the latest installment in the classic car-crashing Burnout series. A completely open world allows players to take their dangerous driving experience to a whole new level. Travel through and explore Paradise City to find special events and destructive opportunities. Get ready to break the rules, because you're in Burnout Paradise!

Achievement Walkthrough Edit

Burnout Paradise Logo

A majority of Burnout:Paradise's achievements can be obtained by simply  going for maximum completion. A great deal more can be completed by exploring every corner(which is half the fun of the game anyways). However there are some more difficult ones, and those, along with the rest, are listed here.

Xbox 360 Achievements Edit

Total Achievements: 60

Total Value: 1250

Image Name Description Value
Lookin' Good Lookin' Good Repair your first wrecked car 5G
Watt Watt? Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St 10G
It's Showtime It's Showtime Set a Showtime Road Rule East Crawford Drive 10G
Great Start Great Start Win a Race 10G
Misdemeanor Misdemeanor Collect 5 Billboards 10G
Off the Beaten Path Off the Beaten Path Collect 25 Smashes 10G
Bottom of the Class Bottom of the Class Get your D Class License 20G
Perfect Rage Perfect Rage Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking 5G
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage event 10G
Spinnin' Around Spinnin' Around Perform a 360 Flatspin in any car 10G
Underachiever Underachiever Get your C Class License 30G
Learning to Fly Learning to Fly Successfully land 5 SUPERJUMPS 10G
Duckin' and Weavin' Duckin' and Weavin' Win a Marked man without being taken down 10G
The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On Get a 10x multiplier in Showtime 20G
Rampage! Rampage! Get a Takedown Rampage 20G
Must Try Harder Must Try Harder Get your B Class License 40G
Parallel Park Parallel Park Power Park with a 100% rating 20G
Daredevil Daredevil Landed a 2 barrel roll jump 25G
Boosting Around the World Boosting Around the World Get a x20 Boost Chain 25G
Flying Colors Flying Colors Get your A Class License 50G
Millionaire's Club Millionaire's Club Score over a 1,000,000 in Stunt Run 25G
Supercharged Supercharged Win 25 Burning Routes 20G
Car in a China Shop Car in a China Shop Get 500 Takedowns (online and offline) 20G
Paradise Won Paradise Won Win your Burnout Driving License 60G
All Pimped Out All Pimped Out Win all Burning Routes 10G
Explorer Explorer Find all Events 10G
Paid and Displayed Paid and Displayed Visit to find out more 20G
Bustin' Out Bustin' Out Collect all Billboards 20G
Totally Smashed Totally Smashed Collect all Smashes 20G
Flying High Flying High Successfully landed all SUPERJUMPS 20G
Speed King Speed King Set a Time Road Rule on every road 20G
Crashin' All Over The World Crashin' All Over The World Set a Showtime Road Rule on every road 20G
Shopaholic Shopaholic Find all Drive Thrus and Car Parks 10G
Elite Elite Win your Burnout Elite License 70G
Criterion Elite Criterion Elite Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables and beat every Road Rule 20G
Online Racer Online Racer Complete an online Race 10G
First Win First Win Win Your first 8 Player online Race 10G
Online Champion Online Champion Win 10 online Races 20G
Online and Kicking Online and Kicking Complete 20 online Events 30G
Firestarter Firestarter Make 50 online Rivals 20G
Just for Pics Just for Pics Make Your First online Rival 10G
Happy Snapper Happy Snapper Send 5 Camera Shots 10G
Notorious Notorious Send 50 Camera Shots 20G
Hotshots Hotshots Get 50 Snapshots in your Lineup 20G
Join the Party Join the Party Complete 1 online Challenge 10G
Party Crasher Party Crasher Complete 25 online Challenges 10G
Party Animal Party Animal Complete 250 online Challenges 25G
Block Party Block Party Complete 2 whole sections of online Challenges (excluding PDLC) 35G
Burnout Skills Burnout Skills In 8 Player online Freeburn lead 6 of the Today's Best Scores 30G
Criterion Fever Criterion Fever Catch Criterion Fever - Visit to find out more 20G
Perfect Party Game Perfect Party Game Complete a Party game where every player scores in every round 25G
Perfect Party Game Massive Party Game Complete a Party game of 8 rounds with 8 players 25G
The Right Side of the Law The Right Side of the Law Awarded for being on the winning Cops team in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE 30G
The Right Side of the Law The Gang Is Back In Town Awarded for being on the winning Robbers team in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE 30G
The Right Side of the Law Golden Awarded for delivering the Gold to your team base in a Cops and Robbers game on Xbox LIVE 30G
Smash n' Grab Smash n' Grab Collect 20 Island Smashes 20G
Smash n' Grab Surf Boards Collect 15 Island Billboards 20G
Smash n' Grab Island Explorer Find all 15 Island events 20G
Smash n' Grab Crash TV Air Time Land the Mega Jump from the Crash TV Ski Jump and get at least 4.5 seconds of Air Time 25G
Smash n' Grab People Person Awarded when you complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges. These can be completed by 2 - 8 players 25G